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Fortunately, they are easy to buy and install, from immobilisers to dashcams, find out more about the innovative devices that could help you to slash your costs.
Telematics (Black Box)
If you have teenagers, or recently were one yourself, you will know that telematics are a good way of bringing the cost of your car insurance down.
An insurer will install a black box in your car which monitors the speed you drive at, how you handle corners, braking, which times of the day you drive and will determine how good you are as a driver. They will also come with additional benefits like a GPS in case it ever gets stolen, or you lose it.
Generally, a black box could help to cut your policy down by £250.
Dashcams are quickly becoming a norm across the world. These handy little dashboard cameras can capture any incidents or accidents you may be involved in, the video captured by the camera could assist with settling your case in a shorter time.
They’re a relatively ch...

The UK is home to an eclectic mixture of properties, each one presenting a unique proposition - and its own unique set of risks, meaning multiple insurance policies.
Commercial Combined Business Insurance can be tailored to meet the specific challenges and risks your business faces in its day to day activities.
A commercial combined policy is a comprehensive business cover in a single policy, bringing together a range of covers from the most commonly required to specialist policies. The combined policy is primarily designed for smaller businesses like manufacturers or wholesalers.
Why you should consider a commercial combined policy
A commercial combined policy offers all round financial protection to your business, providing you with security and peace of mind. It can be tailored to cover the risks that are specific to your business. For example, a wholesaler will have a warehouse where customers might visit, plus they might transport their stock themselves, meaning they would require...

The moment you become an employer in the UK, you must legally take out an Employer’s Liability policy that covers you for at least £5 million. That is a large amount of money, and should be a strong indication of how serious it can be if an employee is injured due to negligence on your part.
In fact, Employer’s Liability is a legal requirement in the UK. You can be fined up to £1000 if you fail to show inspectors your EL certificate, and failure to have an adequate policy in place can see you being charged £2500 a day in fines.
However, much like car insurance, if an accident takes place you will be glad you have employer’s liability in place.
What is Employers’ Liability and what does it cover?
Employers’ Liability Insurance is one of the main types of business insurance. Should you be drawn into a lawsuit by an employee or ex-employee for illness or injury caused by their work, an Employers’ Liability policy can assist with the pa...

Being a business owner means that you have a lot to consider and ensuring you’re covered against all of the potential risks is vital. All businesses require different types of cover dependant on the size and type of business you’re actually running. If you’re struggling to decide exactly what your business may need, we cover some of the basics to get you started.
Property Insurance
Arguably the most important type of cover and one of the first considerations for any business is protecting the building itself and the assets inside.
While it may be obvious to cover your business’ building against disasters such as fire or flooding, it’s important not to forget just how valuable your tools or equipment are to your business. Most businesses would struggle to replace all of their assets if they were stolen or destroyed, so when it comes to insuring the contents of your building, ensure you’ve taken your time to determine the full value of all your assets...

If you’re a business that manufactures, designs or supplies a physical product, then you can be held responsible should your product injure a member of the public or their property. You could find yourself paying millions in damages and legal fees.
A Product Liability policy offers protection against this scenario. In the case of an injury or damage claim being made against you, your product liability policy will cover the cost of legal fee and compensation claims for:

Death or personal injuries caused by your product;
Loss of or damage to property caused by your product; and
Unforeseeable circumstances, such as product faults that your quality control system could not identify.

However, you should not view product liability as an unbreakable safety net. If there was a fault with the product due to bad workmanship or design, the policy will not protect you.
If a product injures someone or damages something, it mainly falls to the manufacturer to take responsibility. However, ev...