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As a landlord, it is vital you properly safeguard every aspect of your portfolio. Should there ever be issues with collecting rent, damage to your contents, a home emergency, or an injury that you are liable for, you could be out of pocket financially and unable to afford the costs of your property.
There are policies tailored to the types of risks landlords face. Find out more below.
Landlord Liability
Should a tenant injure themselves on your property, as a result of something in your property, such as loose tiles or a carpet, then you could be held liable. If the injury leads to a lawsuit, a liability policy can protect you.

Your legal costs in defending a claim
Damages awarded to the claimant
The claimant’s legal costs, if you are found to be at fault

Landlord liability is often a legal requirement if you are renting your properties as student accommodation of social housing. As a safeguard, it could be argued that it is an essential policy to have in place.
Are your proper...

As the world becomes more and more litigious, directors and officers are frequently targeted for lawsuits regarding professional wrongdoing. The financial implications and bad press can be enough to bring down entire companies.
Does my business need a Directors’ and Officers’ Liability policy?
Does your business have;

Key managers
Have a large or high-profile that is in the public eye

Anyone of these criteria means a Directors’ and Officers’ (D&O) liability policy could be a helpful protection for you and your business.
A D&O policy protects your senior staff against claims for compensation made by investors, employees, shareholders, regulators or interested third parties. The policy can assist with paying the cost of damages, fines, and legal fees for your senior management team.
It should be noted that whilst a D&O policy offers financial protection for claims concerned with alleged acts of professional negligence, it does not include p...

A new report from Europol, the European policing agency, has claimed that the greatest threat computer users now face is ransomware.
Throughout the last year, online crime has surged. A number of high-profile organisations, companies, and individuals have been targeted. Just a few months ago, the NHS was left crippled after a strain of ransomware called ‘WannaCry’ reached millions of computers.
By locking users out of their computers, cyber criminals have the potential to do what they please with the stolen data that they retrieve. Whether that be to distribute it, sell it, commit further digital hacking operations, or leverage it for payment.
And yet despite these high-profile cases, many UK businesses are still leaving themselves and their online assets open for digital attacks.
Europol’s report warns national authorities that more action needs to be taken to protect members of the general population, and in order for this to happen, it is essential that they devote...

Industry body, IFB, have recently released new ‘Crash for Cash’ hotspots data that pinpoints the UK’s 30 most high-risk postcode districts.
According to IFB’s findings, Birmingham is the most at risk UK city. Appearing within the top 10 list five times, and the top 30 list ten times, it would appear that motorists must remain on high alert for car insurance fraudsters when travelling through and around Birmingham.
Manchester and Bradford also feature heavily. In fact, it would seem that postcode districts located in the Midlands or the North of England typically see the highest number of fraudulent car insurance claims.



Postcode District































In order to identify a potential ‘Crash for Cash&rsquo...

Fortunately, they are easy to buy and install, from immobilisers to dashcams, find out more about the innovative devices that could help you to slash your costs.
Telematics (Black Box)
If you have teenagers, or recently were one yourself, you will know that telematics are a good way of bringing the cost of your car insurance down.
An insurer will install a black box in your car which monitors the speed you drive at, how you handle corners, braking, which times of the day you drive and will determine how good you are as a driver. They will also come with additional benefits like a GPS in case it ever gets stolen, or you lose it.
Generally, a black box could help to cut your policy down by £250.
Dashcams are quickly becoming a norm across the world. These handy little dashboard cameras can capture any incidents or accidents you may be involved in, the video captured by the camera could assist with settling your case in a shorter time.
They’re a relatively ch...