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Engineering Insurance

Engineering Insurance

Engineering insurance is arranged broadly in two areas. The first is material damage risks including business interruption and breakdown. The second is inspection.


Material Damage Insurance

(which generally means breakdown and sudden and unforeseen damage) is available for many items of contractor’s plant, lifts, lifting plant, general machinery and plant and computers.

The business interruption cover generally follows material damage cover plus accidental failure of Public Electricity, Gas and Water Supplies. Insureness can advise and assist you in arranging cover in the following areas:

• Contractors All Risks insurance covers all types of building and civil engineering construction.  

• Contractors Plant Construction and erection works often call for the use of specialist plant and equipment. 

• Erection All Risks insurance covers the erection of individual machines or complete installations, ranging from lifts, air conditioning equipment and the like, to for example, food processing factories.

• Machinery Movement provides cover for machinery during specified operations, covering the risks of dismantling, resiting, transit by land, sea or air, handling, erection and testing. 

• Machinery Damage insurance provides protection against the dangers of explosion and collapse and breakdown of machinery. 

• Machinery Consequential Loss This type of protection covers the financial consequences of a machinery breakdown.  

• Deterioration of Refrigerated Stock is a special insurance for the protection of perishable goods stored in warehouse-type cold stores or rooms.  

• Computer All Risks insurance offers protection for computer systems.  


Inspection Insurance

At Insureness we can arrange for the Statutory Examination of Cranes, Lifts, Lifting and Handling Equipment and Pressure Plant, Presses and LEV Systems.

• Motor Trade – vehicle lifts, jacks, engine cranes, compressed air systems, vehicle recovery equipment, spray booths, workshop extraction systems, petroleum installation testing, electrical installations.

• Engineering – lifting equipment, pressure plant, presses, dust/fume/waste extraction systems (LEV). etc

• Nursing Homes – lifts, patient hoists, electrical installations.

• Leisure – lifts, wheelchair lifts.

• Licensed Premises – lifts, cellar hoists, electrical installations, coffee/tea boilers.

• Offices – lifts, electrical installations.

Whatever your needs are, Insureness will offer a bespoke solution at a competitive cost and deliver same with a personal service.

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